COVID-19 Update – Introducing Virtual Experiences

We are working on creating virtual experiences, a new feature that'll be available to all users across the United States. You can create a virtual...

People. Places. Experiences.

Trouvaiz™ connects you to local experiences and locals like never before. Explore something unique.

Virtually or In-Person.

You can also offer experiences and monetize your passions.

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Host experiences, your way!

We verify IDs of every Experience Giver.

Trouvaiz’s hosts are passionate, knowledgeable, and well-versed people who can create their own unique experience and convey their brand or story.

Now introducing a new way to travel, from the comfort of your home.

It’s that easy to create experiences.

It’s that easy to book experiences.

As millennial third culture kids, we consider ourselves global citizens who are interested in traveling and experiencing unique perspectives of every place we visit. We’ve lived as locals in multiple countries and long the same, local-esque experience wherever we visit.

We believe travel should make you feel like you’ve lived there. The company was created to make things easy and serve as a platform where people can enjoy the same opportunities that we’ve had.

When we moved to Chicago after graduation, we made it our home. We became locals. When we had friends and acquaintances visit us, we were able to give them several local experiences that we were passionate about. Whilst we did not charge our friends, we certainly feel that everyone can offer an experience and make money while they’re at it.

Trouvaiz™ brings the world closer by providing a platform to connect you to unique experiences, events, and people like never before.

Coming soon.